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[   ]ADHD in Adults-What the Science Says.pdf3.4M 
[   ]A History of Modern Psychology in Context-Wade E. Pickren and Alexandra Rutherford.pdf5.1M 
[   ]A History of Psychology in Autobiography Vol 9.pdf 17M 
[   ]Abraham Lincoln, Vampire Hunter_Grahame-Smith, Seth.pdf414K 
[   ]Advances in the Neuroscience of Addiction.pdf 15M 
[   ]An Introduction to the Event Related Potential Technique.pdf3.0M 
[   ]Are We Free-Psychology and Free Will.pdf2.8M 
[   ]Art Without Borders-A Philosophical Exploration of Art and Humanity.pdf1.9M 
[   ]Attachment in Adulthood-Structure, Dynamics and Change.pdf2.4M 
[   ]Behavioral Modeling and Simulation-from Individuals to Societies.pdf8.8M 
[   ]Beyond Einstein_Superstrings and the Quest for the Final Theory.chm652K 
[   ]Boundaries of the Mind_The Individual in the Fragile Sciences_Robert A. Wilson.pdf2.0M 
[   ]Brain-Wise_Studies in Neurophilosophy_Churchland P.S..pdf8.9M 
[   ]Brain Computer Interfaces_Revolutionizing Human Computer Interaction.pdf 12M 
[   ]Brain Imaging_The Chemistry of Mental Activity.pdf4.2M 
[   ]Brain and Culture-Neurobiology, Ideology and Social_Change.pdf2.4M 
[   ]Brief History of Central America.pdf4.9M 
[   ]Brutes in Suits-Male Sensibility in America 1890 to 1920.pdf2.9M 
[   ]Cannabinoids and the Brain.pdf3.3M 
[   ]Case Files_Neuroscience.pdf4.2M 
[   ]Ccontributions to Economic Analysis.pdf6.0M 
[   ]Cognitive Dissonance-50 Years of a Classic Theory-joel cooper.pdf1.7M 
[   ]Cognitive Economics.pdf1.0M 
[   ]Cognitive Load Theory.pdf2.0M 
[   ]Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion.CHM9.0M 
[   ]Cognitive Science.pdf2.3M 
[   ]Cognitive Therapy Techniques for Children and Adolescents_Tools for Enhancing Practice.pdf3.3M 
[   ]Computational Explorations in Cognitive Neuroscience.djvu6.3M 
[   ]Computational Intelligence and Pattern Analysis in Biology Informatics.pdf6.6M 
[   ]Computational Modelling in behavioural neuroscience-closing the gap between neurophysiology and behaviour.pdf5.2M 
[   ]Concise Encyclopedia of Languages of the World.pdf 17M 
[   ]Conflict.pdf2.0M 
[   ]Consciousness-Reconsidered_Owen J. Flanagan.pdf1.3M 
[   ]Consciousness_A Very Short Introduction.pdf2.6M 
[   ]Consciousness_The Science of Subjectivity.pdf3.3M 
[   ]Considering others in need-on altruism empathy and perspective taking.pdf657K 
[   ]Contemporary Philosophy in Focus_Paul Churchland.pdf2.5M 
[   ]Content and Consciousness-D C Dennett.pdf9.7M 
[   ]Creating Interdisciplinary Campus Cultures-A Model for Strength and Sustainability-Joulie Thompson Klein.pdf2.2M 
[   ]Creativity and Artificial Intelligence_A Conceptual Blending Approach.pdf2.1M 
[   ]Cultural Psychology-A Perspective on Psychological Functioning And Social Reform.pdf1.5M 
[   ]Culture Wars and Enduring American Dilemmas.pdf2.7M 
[   ]Culture and Psychology.pdf3.1M 
[   ]DSM II-Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders-Second Edition.pdf4.8M 
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[   ]DejaReview_Neuroscience_ questions and answers.pdf1.4M 
[   ]Describing Ourselves_Wittgenstein and Autobiographical Consciousness.pdf1.2M 
[   ]Developmental Psychology Cliffs Quick Review.pdf1.2M 
[   ]Down Syndrome-neurobehavioral specificity.pdf2.5M 
[   ]Dynamical Cognitive Science_Lawrence M. Ward.pdf3.2M 
[   ]Emerging Cognitive Neuroscience and Related Technologies.pdf9.1M 
[   ]Emotional Memory across the Adult Lifespan_Elizabeth A. Kensinger_Essays in Cognitive Psychology.pdf2.3M 
[   ]Emotionally Durable Design-Objects, Experiences and Empathy.pdf1.3M 
[   ]Emotions Revealed_Recognizing Faces and Feelings to Improve Communication and Emotional Life_Paul Ekman.pdf4.0M 
[   ]Empathy and Fairness_Novartis Foundation Symposia.pdf3.1M 
[   ]Empathy in Mental Illness.pdf3.2M 
[   ]Empathy in Patient Care-Antecedents,Development,Measurement, and Outcomes.pdf1.5M 
[   ]Empathy in the Treatment of Trauma and PTSD.pdf1.6M 
[   ]Encyclopedia Of Mathematics.pdf7.5M 
[   ]Encyclopedia of Human Development 3 Volume Set.pdf8.4M 
[   ]Encyclopedia of Human Relationships-Three Volume Set.pdf 21M 
[   ]Encyclopedia of Islam.pdf 12M 
[   ]Encyclopedia of Occultism and Parapsychology.pdf 12M 
[   ]Encyclopedia of Psychology and Religion.pdf9.7M 
[   ]Essays in Migratory Aesthetics-Cultural Practices Between Migration and Art making.pdf1.0M 
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[   ]Eye Tracking Methodology_Theory and Practice.pdf 18M 
[   ]Facing It-AIDS Diaries And the Death of the Author.pdf481K 
[   ]Foucault and the Iranian Revolution-Gender and the Seductions of Islamism.pdf1.0M 
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[   ]GRE Psychology-Practice Book-2001.pdf2.1M 
[   ]GRE Psychology-Practice Book-2012.pdf1.3M 
[   ]Gender Differences in Human Cognition.pdf6.0M 
[   ]Genes_A Philosophical Inquiry.pdf739K 
[   ]Guide to Research Techniques in Neuroscience.pdf9.5M 
[   ]Handbook of Behavioral and Emotional Problems in Girls.pdf2.3M 
[   ]Handbook of Developmental Social Neuroscience.pdf6.0M 
[   ]Handbook of Discrete and Combinatorial Mathematics.pdf7.2M 
[   ]Handbook of Evolutionary Psychology.pdf 10M 
[   ]Handbook of Motivation and Cognition Across Cultures.pdf3.4M 
[   ]Handbook of Neurochemistry and Molecular Neurobiology_3rd_Edition.pdf 13M 
[   ]Handbook of Phenomenology and Cognitive Science.pdf 17M 
[   ]Handbook of Research Methods in Clinical Psychology.pdf1.4M 
[   ]Hawking and the Mind of God_Peter Coles.pdf1.2M 
[   ]Hormones and Brain Plasticity_Oxford Series in Behavioral Neuroendocrinology.pdf8.1M 
[   ]How Can the Human Mind Occur in the Physical Universe.pdf4.0M 
[   ]How New Humans Are Made.pdf4.7M 
[   ]Information Technology Essentials for Behavioral Health Clinicians_Health_Informatics.pdf1.6M 
[   ]Karl Marx,Anthropologist-Thomson C. Patterson.pdf1.2M 
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[   ]Lean Brain Management_More Success and Efficiency by Saving Intelligence.pdf1.6M 
[   ]Liberal Pluralism-The Implications of Value Pluralism for Political Theory and Practice.pdf1.3M 
[   ]MIND, BRAIN AND THE ELUSIVE SOUL_Human Systems of Cognitive Science and Religion_MARK GRAVES.pdf869K 
[   ]Mastering Communication with Seriously Ill Patients-Balancing Honesty with Empathy and Hope.pdf663K 
[   ]Mathematics for Neuroscientists.pdf 18M 
[   ]Measuring the Mind_Speed, Control and Age.pdf2.2M 
[   ]Memory Rehabilitation_Integrating Theory and Practice.pdf1.8M 
[   ]Memory and the Computational Brain-Why Cognitive Science will Transform Neuroscience.pdf2.4M 
[   ]Mental Mechanism_Philosophical Perspectives on Cognitive Neuroscience.pdf6.4M 
[   ]Methods in Mind_Cognitive Neuroscience.pdf3.4M 
[   ]Midbrain Mutiny_The Picoeconomics and Neuroeconomics of Disordered Gambling_Economic Theory and Cognitive Science.pdf2.5M 
[   ]Mind, Brain and Education in Reading Disorders_Cambridge Studies in Cognitive and Perceptual Development.pdf2.2M 
[   ]Mirroring People-The Science of Empathy and How We Connect with Others.pdf2.1M 
[   ]Models of Brain and Mind_Physical, Computational and Psychological Approaches.pdf4.4M 
[   ]Moral Minds_The_Nature of Right and Wrong.pdf2.6M 
[   ]Motivation and Action.pdf5.5M 
[   ]Mouse Models for Drug Discovery_Methods and Protocols_Methods in Molecular Biology.pdf 14M 
[   ]Natural Ethical Facts_Evolution, Connectionism, and Moral Cognition_Casebeer W.D..pdf867K 
[   ]Naturalistic Decision Making and Macrocognition.pdf7.7M 
[   ]Neural Correlates of Consciousness-Empirical and Conceptual Questions.pdf 13M 
[   ]Neural Degeneration and Repair.pdf5.6M 
[   ]Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation_Techniques and Applications.pdf 10M 
[   ]Neuromania-on the limits of brain science-Paolo Legrenzi and carlo Umita-translated by Frances Anderson.pdf348K 
[   ]Neuroscience_PreTest_Self Assessment and Review_Sixth Edition.pdf3.5M 
[   ]Neurosociology-The Nexus Between Neuroscience and Social Psychology.pdf1.9M 
[   ]Observational Measurement of Behavior.pdf1.7M 
[   ]On Being Moved-From Mirror Neurons to Empathy-Advances in Consciousness Research.pdf2.9M 
[   ]Our Knowledge Of The Internal World.pdf1.6M 
[   ]Parallel Worlds_A Journey Through Creation, Higher Dimensions and the Future of the Cosmos.pdf2.1M 
[   ]Perception, Hallucination and Illusion_William Fish.pdf1.7M 
[   ]Performing Islam-Gender and Ritual in Iran.pdf3.3M 
[   ]Personal Knowledge.pdf2.3M 
[   ]Perspectives on Cognitive Task Analysis.pdf6.4M 
[   ]Philosophy of the Brain.pdf4.1M 
[   ]Prenatal Testosterone in Mind-Amniotic Fluid Studies.pdf331K 
[   ]Professional Ethics Education-Studies in Compassionate Empathy.pdf875K 
[   ]Psychology of Intelligence Analysis.pdf9.1M 
[   ]Psychophysics_A Practical Introduction.pdf2.2M 
[   ]Publication Manual of the American Psychological Association-Sixth Edition.pdf4.9M 
[   ]Real Materialism and other essays_GALEN STRAWSON.pdf4.0M 
[   ]Rediscovering Empathy-Agency,Folk Psychology and the Human Sciences.pdf1.1M 
[   ]Research In Psychology-Methods and Design.pdf3.9M 
[   ]Russell-Autobiography.pdf2.7M 
[   ]Schools For All Kinds of minds.pdf3.4M 
[   ]Science, Religion And Society-An Encyclopedia of History, Culture And Controversy.pdf 12M 
[   ]Self Control in Society, Mind and Brain_Oxford Series in Social Cognition and Social Neuroscience.pdf7.2M 
[   ]Self Efficacy in Changing Societies.pdf4.0M 
[   ]Self Insight-Roadblocks and Detours on the Path to Knowing Thyself.pdf2.9M 
[   ]Signal Processing for Neuroscientists_A Companion Volume_Advanced Topics, Nonlinear Techniques and Multi Channel Analysis.pdf6.6M 
[   ]Sociology Cliffs Quick Review.pdf861K 
[   ]Standards and Expectancies-Contrast and Assimilation in Judgments of Self and Others.pdf8.5M 
[   ]Statistical Power Analysis-A Simple and General Model for Traditional and Modern Hypothesis Tests.pdf9.8M 
[   ]Statistics in Plain English.pdf 13M 
[   ]Sweet Dreams_Philosophical Obstacles to a Science of Consciousness.pdf1.9M 
[   ]The Algebraic Mind_Integrating Connectionism and Cognitive Science.pdf2.3M 
[   ]The Architecture of the Mind.pdf4.9M 
[   ]The Cognitive Neuroscience of Social Behaviour.pdf1.9M 
[   ]The Cognitive Structure of Scientific Revolutions.pdf3.8M 
[   ]The Conscious Mind_David Chalmers.pdf1.1M 
[   ]The Creative Mind_Myths and mechanisms.pdf2.0M 
[   ]The Dangerous Passion_Davis Buss.doc729K 
[   ]The Developmental Relations among Mind, Brain and Education-Essays in Honor of Robbie Case.pdf4.5M 
[   ]The Ethics of Care and Empathy.pdf1.9M 
[   ]The Evolution of Communication.pdf 16M 
[   ]The Fundations of Minds-Origins of conceptual thought-Jean Mater Mandler.pdf2.3M 
[   ]The Gale Encyclopedia of Psychology.pdf 10M 
[   ]The God Part of the Brain_A Scientific Interpretation of Human Spirituality and God.pdf1.0M 
[   ]The Great Beyond_Higher Dimensions, Parallel Universes and the Extraordinary Search for a Theory of Everything.pdf1.9M 
[   ]The HowTo Grants Manual-Successful Grantseeking Techniques for Obtaining Public and Private Grants.pdf6.5M 
[   ]The Innate Mind.pdf2.4M 
[   ]The Limits of Dream_Scientific Exploration of the Mind-Brain Interaction.pdf1.9M 
[   ]The Male Brain.pdf1.1M 
[   ]The Mind of God and the Works of Man.pdf1.4M 
[   ]The Moral Brain_essays on the evolutionary and neuroscientific aspects of morality.pdf2.6M 
[   ]The Neural Imagination-Aesthetic and Neuroscientific Approaches to the Arts-Irving Massey.pdf6.3M 
[   ]The Neurology of Consciousness.pdf8.2M 
[   ]The Neuroscience of Religious Experience.pdf1.4M 
[   ]The Non Local Universe_The New Physics and Matters of the Mind.pdf 12M 
[   ]The Philosophy of Animal Minds.pdf1.0M 
[   ]The Possibilities Mind_conversations with God, Einstein and Others.pdf3.9M 
[   ]The Rise of Homo sapiens_The Evolution of Modern Thinking.pdf7.2M 
[   ]The Science of Compasionate Love-theory, research and application-edited by Beverly Fehr, Susan Sprecher, and Lynn G. Underwood.pdf2.8M 
[   ]The Sense of Justice-Empathy in Law and Punishment.pdf616K 
[   ]The Social Neuroscience of Empathy.pdf1.7M 
[   ]The Social Psychology of Gender-How Power and Intimacy Shape Gender Relations.pdf1.6M 
[   ]The Two Sides of Perception (Ivry).djvu2.5M 
[   ]The Wiley-Blackwell Handbook of Childhood Cognitive Development-edited by Usha Goswami.pdf4.5M 
[   ]Theories of Consciousness_An Introduction_William Seager.pdf2.9M 
[   ]Therapies and Rehabilitation in Down Syndrome.pdf1.4M 
[   ]Thinking about Consciousness.pdf672K 
[   ]Thinking about Political Psychology-Cambridge Studies in Public Opinion and Political Psychology.pdf1.6M 
[   ]Tolerance and Empathy in Todays Classroom Building Positive Relationships within the Citizenship Curriculum for 9 to 14 Year Olds.pdf905K 
[   ]Truly Understood_CHRISTOPHER PEACOCKE.pdf2.6M 
[   ]What Science Offers the Humanities.pdf3.4M 
[   ]What the Face Reveals_Basic and Applied Studies of Spontaneous Expression Using the Facial Action Coding System FACS 2 e 2005.pdf3.8M 
[   ]Where Darwin Meets the Bible_Creationists and Evolutionists in America.pdf1.7M 
[   ]Women and the Historical Enterprise in America-Gender, Race and the Politics of Memory 1880 1945.pdf1.1M 
[   ]__CliffsAP_Psychology.pdf2.8M 
[   ]cognitice assessment-An introduction to the rule space method.pdf2.3M 
[   ]developmental cognitive neuroscience.pdf6.7M 
[   ]dictionary of psychological theory.pdf7.4M 
[   ]iBrain_Surviving the Technological Alteration of the Modern Mind.pdf2.2M 
[   ]the mind doesnt work that way-jerry fodor.pdf319K 
[   ]the mystery of consciousness_searle (ocr).djvu1.9M